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  • What is the best free Photoshop?

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    Free online games have been around longer than most of you reading this article. As soon as the concept of gaming was introduced, there were people trying to play the games for free. Whether that be searching for coins underneath the machines in the arcade or begging mum and dad for a few cents to load up the next intense and sweaty session of PacMan, games have always been about accessibility. Everyone has a right to play games. To enjoy the incredible thrill of finally beating an impossible level, of destroying their opponents in one of the new fun .io games, and basically being able to enjoy everything gaming has to offer without dropping hundreds of dollars on a PC or console.

    So, that’s where Manti Games comes in. We’re sure you’ve heard of the concept of free online games websites. Places where all the world’s best games are gathered up in one place and presented to you in an easily digestible and delicious format which makes finding and playing games as easy as picking your nose.

    The industry has had its ups and downs. From the early days of Flash over a decade ago to the more recent .io revolution, the world of free online games has constantly been evolving. To keep up with the mobile industry, browser games have had to adapt, and now many are released alongside native mobile apps. To adjust with the times, games websites have had to deal with Ad-blockers that have had a detrimental effect on many websites main source of income. Beyond that, the very face of the industry is changing, with Google planning to phase out its Flash support and thus ending the life of many classic games.

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    The Ups and Downs of free online games you can play with your friends

    There’s a lot to be positive about. Free online games are far from dead, and in fact, there’s been a bit of a renaissance when it comes to the amount of players spending their time playing games on their browser. Thanks to the enormous success of games like, and even Fortnite (we’ll explain in a second), kids from all over the planet (and some grown-ups too) are returning to the wealth of games that are playable online.

    And it really is reliant on and, mostly. These were the first browser games that really took off across social media and went viral on YouTube. Certain YouTubers have made enough money off their niche videos to easily support them and their families for the next several generations. People went absolutely mad for these games - some of the YouTube videos have over 10,000,000 views. For a free game. On the internet.

    A game in which summarises everything beautiful about the genre, mind. captured the hearts and imagination of people everywhere because it was simple, compelling and easy to play...hard to master. Such a low intensive game, which at its peak had servers across every corner of the earth, meant that pretty much anyone on the planet could play. Regions were server-locked, generally, but it still meant that there was a level of mass cross-cultural communication happening through the form of an online game. Incredible, really, especially when you consider that even made it into politics, and the news, and even the hit show House of Cards.

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    Since then, there have been ebbs and flows in the world of browser games. Sometimes we’re in a lull, sometimes we’re riding higher than ever. Generally, we spy an upward trend across the format as the capabilities of native browser game engines get better and better. and really boosted the community towards .io games, which are basically games you can play for free against people from across the planet or with your friends. Huge Battle Royale survival games (oh hi, Fortnite) have dominated the market ( has a wicked 11,000,000 players a month.) Another recent killer game is Krunker, a twitchy FPS game. And there are always new games coming out - it’s a great time to be playing games, and an even better time to be able to write about them.

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    Potential Risks With The Best Browser Games

    However, there are a few downsides. 2018 has been a wild year for game releases. The new Red Dead Redemption game is going to pull in millions of consistent players. Brand new Blacks Ops 4 Blackout Battle Royale mode is bound to pull in millions of players and even more viewers of streams.

    But apart from that, free online games will always be present in the hearts and minds of kids everywhere. There’s nothing quite like getting home from school and diving into a sea of decades worth of games - covering all genres, every theme, no matter how weird, no matter how bizarre. These games are free from the restrictions of big game studios. The best are often developed by a single person.

    To conclude, it’s definitely one of the best times ever to be checking out games online. There are some excellent 3D titles coming out of the Unity engine and the games run smoother than ever. You can play most on PC browser and some on your mobile browser, too, either sat at home on your sofa or at the back of the bus. Manti Games has a fabulous collection of games that span every genre, from Action and Adventure, Girls games and Puzzle games, games with guns and games with hairbrushes…
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    Whatever you want, we’ve got it. Check it out and play now by yourself or with your friends.
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