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Office xp professional sp1 help!

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  • Office xp professional sp1 help!

    I just got a copy of the office xp professional and i installed it, obviously its pirated, and i wanted to install the sp1 so i can keep it up to date but it doesnt allow me, which really sucks.

    I need some help with the sp1, if anyone can help me...please do..thanks.

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    I can give you the obvious response... *cough* BUY IT! *cough*
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      You Got Mail Check your PM


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        same question here.. Please e-mail me as well.. thanks !



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          I have a legal copy of Office XP and used the following procedure to install both service packs. I told a friend about this slipstreaming method and he tried it with a "cough--cough" copy of Office XP and it installed perfectly.


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            Hi Webstur, I have a similar problem and urgently need help would you please e-mail any 'fix' you have, Thanks.


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              Webstur, thanks for your prompt and informative message but I am confused as your info relates to Windows XP and SP1 and not Office XP and SP1, which is what I need. Am I correct in assuming this or am I missing something. By the way I assume the 'helpful' number you gave also relates to Win XP and not Office XP. Please reply as before. Thanks again.


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                Thanks again Webstur but I already have Windows XP Pro up and running including the SP1 update. I have a different problem with Office XP Pro where I need a similar fix to that which is available for Windows XP. the SP1 and SP2 updates for Office XP will not run unless you have a legitimate installation of Office XP.
                Notwithstanding you have a legititimate version of Windows XP.


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                  to jaycup

                  what you've got is a pirated office xp what you've got is a prelim version and that's why you can't installed the sp's

                  get a full version and you'll see how they all run

                  also for all you guys running the xp with the key from hell

                  forget about installing the sp's - they hard coded into it that special key in order to lock out everyone - seems there are few million copies running THAT key - you may have to reinstall with another one or try to recode the key with a key changer program -

                  make sure before deleting the key you're using that the new one will work, otherwise your only solution will be to reinstall the os

                  fun ain't it


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                    come on guys...
                    can't we just accept the devil?
                    its there...
                    ppl buy cool copies and there are hot copies too.
                    now every one has a right to get wat they want (including sp's ofcourse :laugh: ), even if they have hot copies.
                    now ppl having not so goodie goodie copies of Office XP and having probs with installing SP1. the only probable solution i can understand is that you got a Office XP CD already slip streamed with SP1. try installing SP2 over your current installation of Office. it might work.
                    hey u ppl have Office XP with frontpage?
                    cos thats the only version thats complete...all others (i mean with publisher or without frontpage) are either OEM's or evaluation versions.
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                      I wuz talking 'bout office xp - and said a lot of prelim copies are
                      being sold as full, and that's why the sp1 won't work

                      streaming it may not work with a prelim either cuz it detects it's not a full version

                      been there done that and spent more money fixing it , they don't call it Micro$oft for nutin'