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  • AIm5

    any aim users out there that know where the buddy icon files are stored at in the new aim 5.0 version? Or what they are called? In all the older versions they used to be called I'm getting a strange feeling they are stored on the AOL servers and I might not be able to actually get them.

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    Sorry, but since I don;t use AIM, I would be of little help here. Wanted to let you know that you're not being ignored, I just don't have any experience in this particualr area. :)
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      Being a Trillian user, I don't know either..


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        this pretty much what I figured.....most people that I do communicate with on TT through AIM is a trillian user. eh.......maybe contacting AOL would be the best solution?


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          ok I did a temp thingy...........I got on another computer which had an older aim client installed and I got the buddy icon. lol sorry didn't think of that before.......that's a waste of a thread yuh know? oh well I would still ike to know so I don't ahve to do this all the time whenever I want to save someones icon.


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            RD - You should give Trillian a whirl - it is awesome. I switched over about a year ago once they finally got a solid version out, and I will never go back.