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Re-install Norton Internet Security

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  • Re-install Norton Internet Security

    Every time I make a fresh install of my OS (XP), I have to
    download all the updates for my Norton Internet Security.
    Is there a method of saving NIS before i re-install my OS?
    As you know, when the product is almost one year old, there
    is alot to download for us with a slow internet connection!!

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    Before you try ghosting this program, I'd like to bring up a small issue that may make you change your mind...

    NIS uses a subscription service. Your initial purchase of the software allows you to use and update if for one year. You can just look at the bottom of the screen that pops up when you double click the green globe to verify this. It measures this time by hiding a small file somewhere on the hard drive. When you reinstall the OS and then install the NIS program fresh, it begins that year again from the beginning.

    Just something to consider. :)
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