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Modifying Kazaa, possible?

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  • Modifying Kazaa, possible?

    Hi All

    Most people on the web today has heard of Kazaa the largest(?) P2P network.
    Those of you that also has tested it might like it or dislike it, that's indifferent.

    What I am interested in hearing about is if anyone knows something about the program so that it would be possible to tweak/modify it slightly.

    What I want to do is
    1 switch super node to the same as the one my friend use, to be able to find his files immidiately and more
    2 send messages to users that I know exist, and that I know the IP of, and that I know are on the network, but still dont find because our nodes are to far apart
    3 send a file list request to an IP adress and check if it is using Kazaa and if it is to retrieve the list of files he is sharing.

    The last one is the most important one, then we would easily be able to find users in our own network sharing files, and make sure that those that does doesnt share copyrighted/sensitive material from our company network.
    It could also have a cool effect if I wanted to find users on the same cable network as I'm on, and then get nonrestricted download speeds as it is not actuall connecting to the internet.

    If someone has the sourcecode or database description for Kazaa that would be great , but I suppose nobody does so also other ideas to solve these issues are welcome