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  • Visual Basic 6.0+Visual Basic C++ Ent. Ed

    :?: Iv just got microsoft visual studio 6, and im interested in learning visual basic and c++, and was wondering if anyone could advise me on any good learning materials e.g. books,cd-roms or websites.
    I have done some programming languages in the past (ancient stuff now, COMAL on the BBC Micro and some PASCAL with some Spectrum BASIC thrown in too 'bout 8-9yrs ago at school!) and more recently PLC programming for machine/factory automation to quite an advanced level PID loops and HMIs

    Any advice appreciated


    (I will be very impressed if there are many non uk ppl who recognise some of this stuff e.g.BBC Micro,Spectrum etc!! ahh the good old days:cry: )

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    These are some of the best C++ tuts out there!

    ANd this is THE BEST book ever made for learning C++. They teach you in a story type way. I recommend you get it. All though I don't have it myself but it was recommended to me. It comes with a price tag though. $75USD.


    • #3 learning c++ right now, and for me, the best way to learn c++ is through a book or teacher. The best book soo far that ive encountered with is Ivor Horton's Beginning Visual C++ 6, or Beginning C++. It has very well written explainations and examples. I learned most of what I know now from this book and I must have spent over 200-300 dollars before I bought this book, and its the best learning material for C++ ive encountered.

      amazon links:

      Beginning Visual C++ 6:

      Beginning C++:

      have fun coding : peace2:


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        The Deitel and Deitel book is really good. All you really need to do is sit down and learn c++. All the other languages that deceded from the Fortran (I think that is the language, but not 100%) are almost identical...just the synax is different. An array is an array is an array. Same thing with recursion, stacks, etc. Learn the principles of what the book is trying to teach you....that is the MOST important thing. :thumb: