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  • Computer stat program

    Hey i need some help with a problem of mine :D . A while back i found a awsome program that you can design an interface with your own computer stats like ram, cpu, fan speeds...and so on...well i forgot the name of the program....all i can remember is it began with an s and it had something to do with japaneese...?? dont ask how or why...but whatever. If anyone know of a program or anything plz email me or msg me or reply to the thread...thanx alot : peace2:

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    Do you mean Statbar? :?:


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      umm...well not exacly. With this program you actually design the interface. You can arange the status bars and everything yourself, change fonts and colors...then the gui that u designed runs on the system tray and it apears on the desktop...well thats the best way i can explain it. Also you can move the gui u design yourself around the desktop and changed the opacity of behaves just like any other application. thanx :D


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        OK found the program! whew! took like 5 hours to find it. Its called Samurize. check it out to see wtf i was begging everyone for :cheers:


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          Hey that looks ok. :thumb:

          Might give it ago myself soon. ;)