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  • quicktime problem...

    hello :D
    first timer here... i was wondering if you could help me with this nagging problem coz i don't know who else to ask... when i go to to watch
    trailers... it loads... but after i close the window i can't get the trailer offline.. & it's not on the temp.internet files (where is that damned folder in WinXP prof.?)... is there a way to save those loaded (i'm guessing they're streaming) movies? it's just that i don't want to reload the whole movie everytime i open the page... it takes a LOT of time :o
    is there a way to save the movie that was loaded the first time?

    thanx! & plzzzzzzz heeeelp & reply....

    Dalal :)

    oops... forgot to mention:
    OS: winxp prof.
    quicktime 5

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    Just went there........those are infact streaming movies. You can't save them unless they give you the rights or unless you can find the files by browsing through there servers or whatever.


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      Quick time is evil :flames:

      I try not to use it when ever possiable.

      Any one know any altenative's???


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        no I hate quicktime also but I have to use it because there are many things on the web that use it also. ANd just like you I try to avoid it as much as possible. RealPlayer on the other hand is not even aloud on my PC. Ever since I found taht converter program I took realplayer out. Only downside with that is it adds alot of information to it. Such as a 13 second video that I have that used to be nothing more then 450K is now 39Meg.