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'16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem' Error while extracting files .....

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  • '16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem' Error while extracting files .....

    I've had this error message while trying to extract files from a 750Mb .exe file from P2P:D
    16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem

    C:\DOCUME~1\Fred\LOCALS~1\Temp\. A temporary file needed for initialisation could not be created or could not be written to. Make sure that the directory path exists, and disk space is available. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.

    <Close> <Ignore>

    I'm running this (or trying to anyway) on WinXP Pro - does this mean the exe file will only run on a 16 bit os like Win95?

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    yes that's exactly what it means. MS-Dos pretty much disappeard in windows 2000. Now they have the emulated dos called command prompt. However it is backwards compatible but becuase it still needs some stuff from the msdos subsystem its not 100% compatible. I have gotten that error message once or twice as well.


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      Hah! ... I thought so!

      So what's the answer? - this file contains 3 CD's which I need to ... errmmm. ...evaluate on an XP system. Have I got to burn the .exe file onto a CD and go looking for an old Win95 system??


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        The answer may mean either setting up a dual boot system or getting another system with an os that is DOS based (Win95, Win98 or Win98SE. SE would be the best and even though ME is still DOS base, because of the way M$ tried to hide the fact it would most likely not work on that either). : peace2:


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          Heh heh - the idea of dual booting with Win98 ..... yuk! - I will have a word with a mate of mine and see if I can borrow his rig for half an hour.

          Thanks for your input guys :cheers: