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Installing a trial Programme - HELP

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  • Installing a trial Programme - HELP

    I have just tried to put onto my system a trial Soft-Synth programme from Yamaha(SYXG50-V4). I had a version of this when my system was Win98 SE but I have converted to XPpro.
    V3 does not work with Xp and in the conversion, all references to the programme disappeared within registry...

    When I now try to install V4, it *****es at me "There is a previous version ... please uninstall" BUT I CAN'T

    Any ideas on how I can find where is getting the information from about the previous version (I have looked via regedit and cannot see anything useful)

    Thanks for looking at this


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    Explore your v3 installation disk. There should be instructions for manual removal in the readme file.

    Some of it requires going to DOS - can you do that in XP?

    hmmm, let us know how it goes:?:
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      There's a "Command Prompt" in XP that's much like DOS. ;)


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        Just an idea that I use. I loaded a second copy of XP on my second scsi hard drive "F" and dual boot two seperate XP installs. I use the "C" for real work, and boot into the second "F" for testing software and anything else that might crash the system. With necessary apps and the Operating system this only takes about 4GB of spare but has saved the aspirin bottle MANY times! When a program doesn't work, I just open the Beefeaters and laugh!


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          To all of you who have given advice .. thanks

          I have tried command boot and the DOS box ... both times it tells me I have removed the programme but when I try to load the trial programme, it once again tells me it has detected an old version of the programme.

          Now in a catch 22 situation - all references to my Win98 load of the programme have gone, but it's those that it needs to take away. Try loading V3 of the softsynth programme and it tells me it was written for 95/98 and so won't load!

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            You may have to spend a bit of time in Regedit checking the registry for any entries then for that software as that will probably be where the offending piece of info is hiding. Actually maybe using RegCleaner would probably locate it faster so just do a google search for a link to that program. ;)


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              I would recommend a neat program for finding any old entries in the registry. It's "Registry Detective" and works great. Type in any portion of a program and it will locate ALL mention of the program. Then right click-select regedit-and delete the entry. Google search will find the program. I think it's from PC Mag or PC World.