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530fps in Eve online and how to fix

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  • 530fps in Eve online and how to fix

    Hi, I am a long time player of Eve online, but just had a short 6 month break, upon returning I find that my FPS is running at an average of 530 fps and after 5 to ten minutes I get a BSOD occur, the evo furums have as yet failed to help me with this issue so I was wondering if you great people would know of some utility that could monitor my entire system and tell me exactly what is going wrong.

    During the graphics test of DXDIAG testing direct3D was so fast it was a blur. The graphics card has not been altered and is stock and approx 4 years old. nothing on this entire PC has been overclocked.

    DxDiag.txtDxDiag.txtdxdiag attached I think

    Anyway, a shareware utility to monitor the problem would be great.

    Thankyou for reading

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    Re: 530fps in Eve online and how to fix

    Well I finally got a reply.

    Last August I was forced to play on the lowest graphic setting to get a decent frame rate of around 45 to 60.
    It was suggested that I try a differant graphic setting, like max settings for Quality, I tries this and I cannot understand why, but now the game runs perfectly smooth at about 60 to 75 fps. This baffles me a lot, because I would tend to think that lower setting would mean faster frame rates.
    CCP did put a cap on the FPS a few years ago because of people complaining that it could burn out a GPU, that cap must have been lifted I think.

    If you cared to look at my dxdiag you can clearly see I have an old system, a AMD AthlonX2 6000 cpu and an old ATI 4770 gpo.
    IMO it seriously needs a major upgrade or three.

    Anyway, if anyone can recommend a shareware utililty so that I can monitor this better, I would send you isk


    ps and ofc be thankful :)