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  • CD-Emulators and WinOnCd

    I installed WinOnCd the other day, just to try it out and after I uninstalled it I can't use CD-emulators..
    I've tried with both Daemon and Fantom CD and none of them work any more.
    When I set a new device it doesnt show up in "My Computer"
    - in the program it's there but it doesn't have a drive letter..
    So I figured it had something to do with winOnCd's emulator so I installed it angain and it worked fine - uninstalled it and it goes back to not working.. Can anyone help me out here??
    I depend alot on emulators right now as my cd-rom drive is being fixed.
    Thanks - Xantom

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    Originally posted by Xantom
    - in the program it's there but it doesn't have a drive letter..
    Does that mean it doesnt' show the cd-rom drive in my computer? If so I had this happen to me. I was on a friends computer and told him about that. We used virtual cd. It was a great program I used it for quiet a while and had no known problems with it. However Upon installing it to my friends computer a similiar thing happened. First I got an error message saying "cannot map drive" so I was like ok. Then I rebooted thinking it would fix it. And it gave me some erroneous error message that I can't remember and well the cd-rom was not in "his computer". After about 3 uninstalls and reinstalls I started to panic. Becuase this wasn't my computer it was his and he wasn't there. So after a good 20 minutes of trying to trouble shoot I got bored and relized there is no way to fix this. Of course one of the first things I did was check to see if the drivers were ok. THEY WERE THERE! Why was this? so then i was like I have no clue and handed it off to him. And he tried trouble shooting.

    POINT BEING that we couldn't fix it and the only way to get out of that was to format. I'm sure there is a way casue formating to fix a problem is the easiest way out of things. Well in most cases it is.

    Do you have your cd rom drives after an uninstall?


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      It doesn't show them in "my Computer" but they show up in daemon tool but where there usually is a drive leter there's just a blank.. and I really don't want to format.
      If I dont find a solution I guess I'll just install WinOnCd again even though I wont use it..


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        Whatever works for you :thumb: