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Looking for a decent copy of Office 2010

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  • Looking for a decent copy of Office 2010

    I have 2007 and the beta for 2013 (though I'm not certain I like it).

    Anyone know of a decent place to get 2010?

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    Re: Looking for a decent copy of Office 2010

    Try open office its got every thing you need and its free.


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      Re: Looking for a decent copy of Office 2010

      I lucked up and got 2010 for $5 with a corporate discount before I retired. But yeah, Open Office reads and writes all the same stuff for free, if not as snazzy.
      Only deals I see are on Newegg once in a while and it still costs way too much considering I only use Outlook, Excel and Word.
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        Re: Looking for a decent copy of Office 2010

        Open a student account at a communtiy college. You usually don't have to atttend and you can get MS Office University for as lo as 75$ You can also get all the Windows OS for free once you resister for classes throught tghe Dreamspark Program... But not Office :-(
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