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  • Cd-rw

    Is it just me or is the use of CD-RWs a dead loss?

    I use Nero software for CDRs and InCD for CD-RWs.
    CDRs are fine whether copying data or music but I have finally given up with CD-RWs as I have consistently had problems since Day 1 where data won't copy, or the whole process grinds to a halt and I have to reboot. Now it seems I can't do anything with my only Acer CD-RW disc, it won't even let me reformat it so I can start again!


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    ewll I've heard of several problems with CD-RW's. First off you can only use the same disk like 3 or 4 times. Secondly I have heard of the disks being unstable and cause data loss or unwritable. Thirdly for the price difference I'd rather go CD-R. There are sales all the time in fact the last time I bought a 50 pack it was 4 dollars.That's with all the rebates of course.


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      RW disks don't last forever, so it may have come to the end of it's usefulness. I generally just use RW disks like a regular CDR media, but you can erase the old data on or update if you like. All this can be done from within Nero, so you shouldn't have to use the packet writing software to do this.
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        I too have given up on cd/rw disks. I hate In-cd too. I've recorded files to them with no indication of problems, only to be unable to read them later. The latest version of In-cd is not compatable with the last version. I agree that cdrs are so cheap now that I use them for everything. Who cares if it is only a 10mb file? If I want a portable copy, it goes on a cdr.