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Zonealarm setup- help!

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  • Zonealarm setup- help!

    Can someone please tell me how to configure Zonealarm with Windows ME?. My internet connection seems to go down after a while if Zonelarm has been activated after an hour. I'm using a Blueyonder broadband connection.
    I have both Internet and Trusted Zones at medium settings in the firewall.
    I've been told it has something to do with DHCP requests (whatever they are!) from Blueyonder

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    I'm running ZoneAlarm version 3.1.291
    Try adding your cable providers DCHP server to your Trusted Zone.
    The easiest way to do so would be by going to the Alerts & Logs menu - click on the Log Viewer tab - highlight an entry in the log from your Cable providers DHCP server - click the button next to the Entry Detail labeled Add To Zone - click the little pop-up button that says Trusted.

    That should let the DHCP servers traffic through while blocking all else still.

    Go to the Firewall menu and click the Zones tab to ensure it has been added properly to the Trusted Zone.

    Hope that hooks you up right:thumb:

    (Advisory: if someone spoofs their IP address as your providers DHCP server, they will have access to your machine using this method - but, what in this world is perfect?)