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Application Interferring with HP Scanner

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  • Application Interferring with HP Scanner

    I have a HP Scanner and went to use it yesterday and i received an error message indicating that there was another program using. the exact message is " Your scanner is currently being accessed by another application. Please wait for the other application to finish or close it to allow HP PrecisionScan access".

    I do not have any other program running !!!! I looked at the devices in the control panel and it says everything is working fine. the machine is a win-98 and the scanner is on the usb.

    in the mean time wife is hollering for images ....

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    HP scanners do dicky things like that some times, try unpluging the usb then putting it back, or the power


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      The same thing happened to me after installing a web cam & it's software (Win 98 SE). Had to remove and then reinstall the scanner software. This was with an HP Scanjet 3300C. On another computer with an HP 5400, it did not occur when installing the same software.