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    ok..........heres the deal. I have two programs that I'm sure no body likes. Then again I'm not gonna jump to conclusions cause watch it be your all time favorite application. These programs are as follows. Quicktime and RealPlayer. Now as for realplayer does anyone know where I can get a realcodec for windows media player? I think that would be possible don't you? As for quicktime. There has got to be some kind of codec for windows media player. THen again I'll understand if there isn't cause there is stuff like
    this that will never be part of windows media player. Atleast I don't think it can be. I mean as for quick time it keeps asking me to purchase the pro license. I DON"T WANT THE PRO LICENSE!!! Why would I purchase a program that I don't like in the first place?

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    But they are my all time favourite applications.. :D

    Just playing with ya. From what I've seen, you can't actually get the codecs for these programs to allow use in other programs. Probably something to do with them trying to make money. Which is why they continually ask you to register / buy something better. The Quicktime purchase screen can easily be clicked away, so I wouldn't worry about that too much, and not being a fan of Real Player I don't have it installed.

    That probably wasn't much help to you, I'm afraid, but that's the best I can do.


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      I tried to go through with not installing real player. Its just not possible with me because I have a small 15 second video of a Camaro Zl1. It really makes you feel the power of the engine. It sounds soooo nice. I have real player installed for like that one file only. However there are alot of things that require realplayer. Is real networks losing popularity? You know what I'm just gonna go ahead and uninstall it. Do you have slowtime installed?


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        Beefy hit the nail on the head - it's about the money, if WMP were to start handling RM or QT files the lawyers would be circling like vultures to a dying herd.

        I like QT personally, typically MB for MB if I have a choice I'll go with QT every time. Yeah, it has the nag screen, but you know what, if I was independently wealthy -- I'd buy their PRO version and help support development.
        For the time being I'm glad they let me have a freebie to kick around with - I guess I really don't mind if they want to check now and then to see if my ship came in yet.

        For streaming I think RM blows (but on a 56K {yeah, right} connection, what doesn't?) RMP streams better in my experience.

        Truth of the matter is no matter which one I choose to dump eventually a file comes down the digital turnpike that I'm gonna' need it for. Happens every time. So to keep my arsenal complete, I just have to keep all 3 ready to go just in case.

        RM; hate it - but have to have it.
        QT; best for me, but use it about equally as much as WMP
        Experimenting a bit with Divx - no problems, and I do like it.
        The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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          I guess it looks like I"m keeping all three in that case :(


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            You need all the programs you can get so that you can win the contest for the most icons on your desktop.


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              Looks like I lsot the contest. Cause I hate desktop icons. I only have the required ones plus some things that I'm currently working on/downloaded and that's only sometimes I'll clear out my desktop icons every couple of weeks. ;)