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  • Keep IE maximized

    I like IE maximized all the time. I don't know how many else agree but that's just my opinion. Anyway when I click certain links. Like the link that comes in the email when someone replys to me at this forum. IE will be a small window. Is there some kind of key or something in the registry that can force IE to stay maximized at all times? Thanks

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    You were in the right forum, just had to go back in time a bit.
    Try this page.
    Mr. Tweak has used it with Windows XP with no problems last I heard. I believe a few have used it with other Windows OS's too.

    This has been a recurring user complaint with IE - so far this is the only real solution I have found. Any of the reg hacks and settings tweaks I've seen don't work all the time or for very long.
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      wow this program does work. but I don't want an application running in the background. I know the registry tweaks don't work all the time. I'm willing to run those though. Do you know where I can get them at?


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        I honestly don't know of a tweak or hack that works well, if you find one please post it -- a lot of folks would be grateful I'm sure.
        This has been a common complaint of IE users for at least the last 4 versions.

        I do understand your dislike of running this maximizer in the background -- system resources are valuable commodities.
        But IE is closely tied to the OS that this is the only way I know of to ensure new windows open maximized.
        I have encountered another similar program -- it did nothing more than this one, also ran in the background and cost $19.95 US.

        Sorry, it took me weeks to find this, and for now it really is the best I can find to deal with the situation.

        Personally, I just click the little square icon in the upper right corner or right click the tab on the taskbar and choose "Maximize" - I'm on dial-up so there isn't anything in the window for a few seconds anyway:cry:
        The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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          oh.....I will definitly try and find a tweak or something does anyone else know?

          Also you may or may not know but as opposed to hitting the little square or right clicking the button on the task bar, you may find it eaiser to double click the title bar.


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            Actually, most of the time I do double click the title-bar - I guess it has become so second-nature I didn't even think of it:o

            And yes, if someone has a registry-based solution don't be shy - this forum has been waiting for you for some time
            The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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              Here is a tip I have, That I think you will find useful.

              I keep my IE windows maxed out in height, from the taskbar to the top of the screen, and then, as I open new windows, they tile to the right, but not down, which works great. Give it a try.


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                wow....didn't even think of streteching the window manually. I stretched it out so much that its full screen and there is only a slight changed between the way I have it set now and actually maximizing......I wonder if I don't even point out the change I'm wondering if I will even notice or not. I'd still prefere a reg tweak but this will certainly suffice.


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                  The stretching out of the minimized windows is the trick I use. ;)