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    Hey people,
    I have three kids and they are in their early teens, and I really need a good web filtering program. I've tried netnanny, but my system keeps freezing on me when it tries to load. Then I tried the content adviser on windows 98, but it is a real pain. 8-10 pages won't load because it says that the page may contain things that are not suitable for kids. So I disabled it. Does anyone know of a good program? Please get back to me. Thanks

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    the only problem with filtering is that it's never perfect. The only real way to get a proper filter is to manually go through and add each site that you want banned, and that's just not practical...


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      I've never found one that works and I have 3 kids younger than your's. ;)


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        I've got a friend who uses a filter that only lets you view sites that are added by the parental unit as safe. Definitely useful for the younger tykes, but for older kids the listing process might become rather tedious - not bad though if you start early and add to the list as the child develops.

        What the hec' did he call that silly program???

        I know it is extremely difficult, but there is truly no substitute for hands-on supervision. Someday, those children are just going to have to rely on their own judgment - till then it's poor software or parental units.
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          Thanks for the imput guys. I agree Mr. C, it is a total hands on situation, but since Mom and I work, and it is summer vacation it is hard to do the hands on thing. I've looked through the TIF, and cookies folder and have not found anything that shouldn't be there. I'm just doing the preventive measure thing. If anyone else has anything to say about this, or knows a program that will WORK please get back to me.:D