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complete noob with a couple of basic FLASH (AS) questions

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  • complete noob with a couple of basic FLASH (AS) questions

    Greetings to all:

    First, I am NOT a smartphone developer. While I have written a lot of C++ (as well as other oo technologies) over the years, I am brand-new to Flash (which I think/hope is discussed here).

    I recently acquired a Samsung MP3 player, which appears to be flash-based. I have decompiled the .swf files for several of the player's "widgets". While the code looks somewhat recognizable to me, there is a contruct : ext_FSCommand(param_1, param_2, .... param_n) that I cannot deduce.

    The player appears to be actionscript 2.0 based for the most part, but I thought that the construct mentioned only worked on Flash Lite, which apparently does not support AS 2. Am I missing something?? I do note that in most instances of the above mentioned constructs (within the .swf I decompiled) the first parameter (param_1; of several passed) is "SetVars".

    I sort of assume/hope that Samsung would carry their software paradigm over from one platform (Smart Phones) to others (MP3 Players, for example). Maybe not; however if any of you Samsung phone developers can offer any expertise/advice, it would be MUCH appreciated.

    FWIW, there is NO developer docs available from Sammy for this device.


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