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  • Startup Instability

    Again I'm having startup troubles... thanks to responses on another post I have gotten rid of OSSPROXY and its evil hard drive writing ways.... but now I need to address another problem which has been annoying me for ages.

    More often than not I find that my computer crashes on startup ... its annoying because it shows the same pattern.... it starts and when it looks like its finished the mouse pointer gets an egg timer next to it (as if loading something) then takes ages to calm down then if I try and do anything my pc works as if heavy load... this means that I have to restart my pc (agin) and the problem usually doesnt happen again till the next day....

    Im on win98 and this is my task list when i Start windows.


    I find that when my computer crashes on startup it has 2 or more rundll32's in it... which is weird

    any ideas guys?

    thanks in advance

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    It's probably two of your apps on startup don't like each other as both are using rundll32. I take it that anvshell maybe an antivirus software (I maybe wrong) but what are maapp and mixer for? :?:


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      just a shot in the dark, but i'm guessing multimedia app/soundcard utility?
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        Heh Heh its not maap...its
        R N A A P P ... the rn looks like an m in lowercase :P

        Anvshell...hmmz I use PC-Cillin as an antivrus protection....and I have never put anything else on that protects from viruses.

        Soundcard hmmmmmmm possibly I did recently try changing the was weird it was using some of the drivers new and some of the old ones at the same time.. bizzarre s...maybe I'll retry the installation of the drivers....

        I don't know if that is the problem or not but I suppose its worth a try

        aanyone else know why I have a lot of rundll32 conflicts on startup occasionally....?
        and anyone know what the hell anvshell is ???

        cheers for your help.


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          Do you need the soundcard app to open on startup? If not go Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Information then go to Tools in the window that opens then select System Configuration Utility and go to the Startup tab you'll find there a list of all programs that run at Startup. Untick rnaapp and mixer (there are usually other ways to start these one being "Disabled Startup Programs" in Start/Programs) and that should cure the problem that your having (the same can be done with the antivirus "anvshell" though I wouldn't). :smokin:


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            I know about msconfig thanks anyway but I wanna know what they r b4 I start disabling them.... also the rundll32 multiples can't be normal can it?

            OOh yeah I forgot to mention.... that occasionally and I mean occasionally i get (on booting up) an error message saying error finding boot frive or something like that and it asks me to select boot from disk or boot from cd drive....

            could this be because my cpu is running ho?t ( about 65 normally- 73 is the highest its been)

            or is my hard drive messing up because its overheating.... I know this isnt my original post but I thought it might help you guys more accurately identify the rnaap rundll32 startup


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              Working for an ISP, I can tell you that rnaapp is the program that runs dial-up networking. It's prolly not in msconfig, and it shouldn't be loading at boot. Looks like you'll have to uninstall/re-install the communications Windows component. If you need to know, ask me. I do it at least 5 times a day over the phone.



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                please tell please tell please tell....I think I know but I wanna be sure.

                please :P