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F#$%^&king Microsoft

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  • F#$%^&king Microsoft

    From one of my suppliers latest pricelists

    MicroSoft Office XP Pro $445cdn
    MicroSoft Office XP SB OEM $225cdn
    Corel Office Suite 2002 $26cdn

    need I say more?

    Greedy F#&^%ing Microshaft how can they justify that

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    Well can you code it cheaper?
    The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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      OK - here's Australian dealer pricing:

      Office XP Professional OEM: A$483
      Office XP Small Business Edition OEM: A$375
      Corel Office Suite 2002: A$36

      Similar story here as well it seems :(
      What came first - Insanity or Society?


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        And then they wonder why people pirate software...
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          Also, despite the current economic woes around the world (with companies bleeding money and going bankrupt) Microsoft continues to deliver record profits..... how about giving the customers something back instead of raping them for the shareholder's benefit? :confused:
          What came first - Insanity or Society?


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            Yeah some ppl just arn't happy with a reasonable profit and M$ is up there with our Banks here in Australia wanting more than the products/services are worth.


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              they need that money to fund their other ventures.. i.e Xbox which they are losing $200 US per system on... i guess one office xp is worth about the added cost of two xbox's


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                yeah if the spent less time worring about copy protection and just made the product cheaper, more people would buy it.

                what really cheeses me off is that if you buy a PC it must be sold with a MS OS (in australia u have to)

                talk about a monopoly

                If they kept games at the same price as music cd's their sales would go thru the roof


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                  Originally posted by Mr. C
                  Well can you code it cheaper?
                  appearantly Corel can....

                  the Corel office suite contains components almost identical to the MS Office SB, yet it's 900% cheaper


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                    M$ could easily cut those prices in half, sell even more and make even bigger profits but they're really to greedy to do that. :hammer:


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                      I consider myself fortrunate Wordpad has all the office-type functionality I need:laugh:

                      But in essence, isn't M$ Office development geared toward business environment use?
                      If you own a business and purchase/upgrade software it is termed a "business expense" and therefore fully deductible from your taxes at the end of the year.

                      If anyone should have a problem with the pricing of M$ Office applications it should be the government.

                      In regards to my previous (admittedly it was wise-ass in nature) statement. Honestly, can you code it cheaper?
                      A lot of time and effort went into the development of the programs. I really feel that if you intend to make use of the software, you should be willing to compensate MicroSoft for the tools they are providing.
                      If you are not willing to do that, or don't think you would recieve enough -- or perhaps recieve more functionality than you really need go find something more inline with your budget and needs.

                      Vote with your wallet, If you don't like what MicroSoft offers or the price that MicroSoft recieves for it. Go look at the options.

                      It's just the same as my ventures into open source, I truly believe that Microsoft XP is software totalitarianism and therefore even if it were free, I refuse to install it.
                      Stop being lazy, if you are truly upset by software functionality/pricing, take the time and find something that adequately meets your purchasing/use requirements.

                      If you choose to act as if MicroSoft is the only game in town, then you will have to play by their rules.
                      Take off the blinders and look around.......there is a big 'ol software universe out there if you want to explore it.
                      The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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                        Congrats on a brilliant post Mr. C.

                        Microsoft is the owner of their proucts, and they have an absolute right to sell it for whatever they want. If you don't want to pay that price, don't. Product prices are as simple as supply and demand. If you will pay the price, MS is entitled to every cent they make. If all of a sudden MS stops selling copies, the price WILL come down.

                        Don't blame anyone other than the millions of people who thought those products WERE worth the price, and did buy them.

                        Lets say RDR earns 120 Grand a year. Now he could work for 60 Grand a year, and donate the rest of his salary towards lowering the price of the products he helps make. But he certainly doesn't need to do that. He has the ability to demand 120 Grand for the work he performs, and therefore gets to keep every cent (after taxes... haha)

                        The alternatives may be 900% cheaper, but aparently they are unable to do what Office provides, and therin is proof of why they are so much cheaper. Any more expensive, and the makers believe they wouldn't sell as many units.

                        If you love the product, so much as to not buy anything else, then you will be forced to pay whatever price the maker demands. Clearly, MS office really kicks ass, or we wouldn't be having this conversation.

                        what really cheeses me off is that if you buy a PC it must be sold with a MS OS
                        I used to think this as well. After a few years of pondering, I realized that NO OTHER OS will sell enough units to make the PC without MS worthy of sitting on shelves. This is not a MS forced monopoly... this is a buyer forced monopoly. The buyer wants nothing other than MS on their computers... and LETS FACE IT... those who do will NOT be buying computers at such prices that you see in chain stores (Proof: none of us do)

                        I hope you understand what I'm saying Kheldar... don't get mad at MS for being on every PC at whatever store, get mad at your neighbors who want nothing other than MS on their PCs. THAT is who is making that policy


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                          Mr. C - I'm not sure how it works in the U.S. - but capital expenditures are definately not tax deductable in Canada,
                          Gross Income minus operating expenses & capital expeditures (or a portion there of) = Net Income...that's what you pay tax on.

                          the thing about MS is do they charge what they need to or what they feel they can get away with?

                          MS reports record profits with every product release - yet it seems like with every new generation they the take away some functionality and sell it as a separate product.

                          Do they have the right to do this....sure they do

                          but if you consistenly deliver less and charge more - eventually people (who pay attention to these things) will turn to an alternative, whether it's piracy, linux, corel etc.

                          Most people I know with pirated software, have said they would pay for a license if it was a "fair" price.

                          of course "fair" means different things to different people.

                          I have licensed copies of Office 2000 on both my PC's at home - I need it for work - if the money had to come out of my own pocket there's no way I'd be dropping $900cdn.
                          What is Office really worth to me $500?, $200?...hard to say
                          Would I be using Corel or an MS pirate...also hard to say.

                          everyone has their limit..I think MS wants to see where that limit is


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                            Well there you go then.

                            I have never used Corel, but I would think that if I were them, I would code a little option to 'Save as office2000' and 'Save as Office XP' etc.... And then of course be able to read office files as well...

                            Doesn't it have that feature?


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                              the Corel Suite includes Wordperfect and Quattro (spreadsheets) - the can look at any MS word and Excel document - all the text and formulas convert - you loose between 0 to 20 % of the formating
                              It also includes a Corel equivalent to Powerpoint, Access and Outlook - I haven't messed with them too much yet

                              I've been hard pressed to find any functionality missing from the Corel Suite - it seems very good, although slower to load than the MS equivalent