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    With Home Theater and Multi-Media PCs becoming more popular, people are finding it convenient to backup and store their movies on hard disk. Since movie files are large and are often stored on multiple disk drives, the traditional method of using disk folders to organize movies by genre becomes impractical. With MovieManager, once a movie is copied to disk, it doesn't need to be moved or copied again. MovieManager can be used to lookup information on the Internet, locate and catalogue your movies for you. Check it out at

    This software is a true bargain for anyone setting up a Home Theatre PC. I scoured the web in search of something like this for my Home Theatre PC and when I couldn't find anything suitable I decided to write the program myself. Being a picky software developer I set very high standards for functionality, usability and reliability. In my opinion, MovieManager is better software than many of the big-name titles. If you have a home theatre PC you'll know exactly what I mean. Check it out at