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SBLive 5.1 Plat IR Remote Problem

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  • SBLive 5.1 Plat IR Remote Problem

    I have an SBLive 5.1 Platinum with the front drive and remote and all that jaz. I installed a fresh copy of XP Pro Corp. I know enough not to use the Creative CD to install the card, and for the most part, windows does a perfect job of that for me. I cant get my front drive IR thingy to work. I d/l'ed the IR update from the SB site. But thats just an update to the original remote prog. I looked through both cd's and didn't find an install exe for the remote program. I dont want to install from the autoplay prog on the CD becuase i did that 4 hours ago and Windows "mysteriously" had a protection fault that i couldn't get around, even in safe mode, that made me reformat and reinstall (not too hard since i had done that just before the protection fault) Does anyone know where i can get JUST the exe for the remote prog so i can install the update from creative?

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    i had the same prob, but i cant remeber what fixed it. :?:
    have ya downloaded the xp patches & updates?? i think it might have been one of them that got it goin


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      I've d/l'ed everything from the Windows Update site and the Creative SBLive! WinXP page


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        to make it work for me, i just downloaded the latest utils and drivers from soundblaster, (since with xp it wouldnt let me install from the cd) and it works fine!

        try deleting all drivers for the card and try again, or u could just dual boot windows and use 98, which is the best OS to use the card in

        in xp tho i cant get suround sound to work on my speakers, im using the sp/dif (whatever) plug straight to my speakers, i know its not the speakers that are the problem cos i have 98 on the same machine, and it works fine (plus their bose speakers)

        any idea?


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          You don't want my opinion...
          I think Creative screwed us and will now only support Audigy on an XP system. The card we have is second class now. Who cares if it runs on XP well. I think im gonna try to sel it to one of the many idiots i know, and buy a Audigy Plat. Maybe just an Audigy Gamer because i never did use the front face much anyway. Either that or an Extigy and hide it with a reciever i just bought...