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  • nero

    dear members,

    i'm looking trough all forums on the internet trying to find an answer for my nero problem under xp pro.
    after installing the start of nero svan's ide and scsi devices and
    hangs my xp pro. only a shutdown and restart solve this(eg. get rid of nero).
    i have no errors indicating what's going on. i have updated my aspi drivers to 4.6, and get now support what so ever from ahead(owner of nero). the support resulted in a phone number in the usa which is always engaged.
    i also disabled the xp bruner inside appl.
    my system has on ide0 a pioneer dvd player as master.
    ide1 a philips ccd3610 burner as master
    harddisks are connected via a pci card ultra ata 100 form promise
    ibm deskstart 30 gig ide 0 as master
    ibm deskstar 30 gig ide1 as master

    i would be very happy if anyone can shed some light on this problem

    regards ben
    [email protected]