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    Does anyone have recommendations for Peer to Peer sofware? I currently use eDonkey2000 and Kazaa. I have tried others and have not been impressed by many. Anyone know which are good and which to stay away from?

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      I have been using Bear Share lately. Not real fancy, but it gets the job done.
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        I use Morpheus. I you can find just about anything you want on this program. I have all kinds of free programs. It uses Bearshare, gnutella, morpheus, and a few more servers. I highly recomend it. I tried imesh, bearshare, limewire. In my opinion none is as good. Hope this helps.


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          I won't be so bold as to claim one is better than another, but I have great success with WinMX v2.6.
          There's yet to be a bit of obscure music I have not found. Lately I've been getting a lot of e-books on Linux there.
          Sometimes I almost wonder what isn't available online:?:
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            Cord, if you were ever on ICQ anymore, You would have gotten the link I sent everyone else...

            And I don't think I mentioned it here yet....

            KaZaA Lite

            Extra Features compared to original KaZaA
            - No Adware
            - No Spyware
            - No banners
            - No bitratelimit for mp3 files
            - No irritating websites loaded into KaZaA
            - No crappy BDE Viewer
            - No ****ing Bonzi Buddy
            - Set up multiple users with the included PseudoTrack tool



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              I download alot of music. I was able to get 21GB off Napster, and Already I have gotten 11 off Kazaa, and I have tried 12 P2P clients, and none of them have ever worked as well as kazaa does now.

              And Kazaa Lite is even better. You can find extremely obscure things with the filters you get to use, and the way that it resumes, and condenses everyone with the same files.... it is wonderful... And not to mention you can even filter out and never see the results from people you can't transfer from due to firewalls, etc....

              Just amazing.


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                I have real good success with WinMX 2.6, also use Morpheus from time to time.


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                  thanks Zeradul some very useful info and link.:thumb:


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                    One that I have just found is called Direct Connect. It is a peer to peer without a central hub(server). You connect directly to them and you can also host your own hub if you like. They have tons of stuff.


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                      A new version of KaZaa Lite is out....

                      Check this out, this guy rules...: (main kazaa lite page)

                      Why was KaZaA Lite made?
                      For the same reason as the one why CNET has recently removed KaZaA from its download listings. Alongside the original KaZaA some third party software is distributed. This normally would not be an issue for me since it is mentioned in KaZaA's legal notice. But in this case this third party software severly threatens our privacy. The software from Brilliant Digital goes even beyond that point, acting more and more like a virus. The real workings of these third party software is not sufficiently explained to the end users by KaZaA. The legal notice is very long and difficult to understand, particularly for those whose native language is not English. Fact is that most users of KaZaA don't even know that there were some third party software installed by KaZaA, or more important what that software does. When KaZaA is uninstalled, the third party software is not removed. Removing all traces of this third party software is very difficult, even the biggest computer geeks have troubles with it. Virtually impossible for an average user.
                      KaZaA should make very clear what is installed alongside the KaZaA client itself and what that additional software does, before an end user downloads or installs the KaZaA client software. This way an end user has the choice of using the KaZaA client including all third party software, or not using the KaZaA at all.
                      Until this happens I am giving the people a choice to be able to use the KaZaA client without being mislead by KaZaA.

                      It is not my intention at all to stop KaZaA from earning advertising revenue. In fact, I am thankfull to KaZaA for creating their great software and the FastTrack network. I only want to make clear that KaZaA has to stop misleading the people who use their software. The majority of the users of KaZaA Lite abandoned KaZaA long before KaZaA Lite was created for the reasons I have outlined above. Or they previously did not wanted to use KaZaA because they were aware of its implications. KaZaA Lite users now are a part of the network. The increased number of users on the network due to KaZaA Lite is beneficial for KaZaA, since a large network attracts new users.
                      Quote from the creator of KaZaA Lite.
                      Yuri from Moscow, Russia.


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                        I agree with zeradul

                        Was using Morpheus before it changed.
                        Went to Kazaa & Grokster but both werent as good.
                        new version of Kazaa was better but wait - spyware.
                        Then i found the K Lite !
                        I am amazed what is available over this network.
                        Must admit i am guilty of downloading some software i havent paid for - but i wasnt gunna get it any other way.
                        Mostly it is good for music and video (mostly porn) files.
                        Try it out if u havent already.

                        BTW follow the link zeradul posted
                        if u have previosuly installed Kazaa (full). there's a utility to remove the Brilliant Digital (BDE) **** form ur pc.


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                          I'm using Morpheus, and Kazaa. I really like Kazaa, mainly because it conects quick, well quicker then Morpheus. I also have Adware 5.8 installed, and Kazaa is total spyware. Cydoor is all over this program. You can't delete any cydoor's dll's or the programs toast, so I think I have to kick Kazaa to the curb. Morpheus is a real good program also Brilliant Digital does not have anything to do with this program,(that's a good thing). I don't know about anyone else, but I don't like being spyed on, or tracked. shoot: Kazaa::


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                            as in the above post:

                            just follow the instructions on the site on how to install it if you have kazza on there atm
                            TweakTown [email protected] Team


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                              im hangin out for the latest version of morpheus 2, hopefully it will be better then the preview (full of bugs)

                              ive used most of the other programs out their, but me thinks morpheus is da best