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  • WOL questions?

    Well, first I would like to say I havnt read very much on this topic so some questions might be a little stupid but here goes...

    I have 2 pc's.. one of them is for my personal use...and the other is for file storage and when Friends come over we can play games and such...

    The second pc is taking the advantage of the TV output and is sitting next to my big screen in the living room and my pc is way on the other end of the house in my own pc room....They are networked together and are running ICS

    I am looking for something (or if it is possible) that will let me turn on and off the 2nd pc from my computer in my computer room. I know I can use WOL to turn it on...but what about turning it off? Can I use a run command or is there certain software for this?

    Question about WOL

    I have 3 Linksys LNE100TX network cards running my Cable, ICS and network.

    I have two V4.1 and two V5 cards. The V.4.1 cards have the little plug thing that you hook up to your motherboard. The Version 5 cards don't? From what I understood you plugged the small cable from the nic to the motherboard to use WOL. The V.5 cards say they are WOL I am confused about that one.

    Any pointers here would be greatly appreciated!

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    If you are aiming at shutting down the 98 machine there is a command line that dose that i cant remember it off the top of my head but i can get it on friday.
    As for the XP box, there is a program called "pstools" that you could do stuff like that through NT and win2k but i don't know if there is a XP version yet?
    Alternativly you could run something like VNC between them and fully contol the second from the comfort of the first.


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      C:\windows\rundll.exe user.exe,exitwindows
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        I know I can use WOL to turn it on...but what about turning it off?
        If you think it will be handy being able to Turn ON the computer from the other room, just wait till you hear about VNC!!!

        Go download it and play around... it is very easy and self explanitory. VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing, and it is amazingly useful, especialy on a lan.