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    Check taht out. I'm confused. Many said AVGand a few others is good. But so far no one said about Bitdefender. I've uninstalled my AVG and installed this BD Pro. It seems good. Very eye candy-ish :( . Take quite much of resources bout 18 MB :( . But I think the controls r nice. Can some 'experts' here check out this software and test it out. Tell me is this soft good??????? go get it from p2p software :).

    p.s pls direct me to sites that review which AV is best.

    Hope to get some replies.

    Thanks!! :)

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    Originally posted by roger04
    ? go get it from p2p software :).
    Please read all the stickes on the top of the forums. TT does not want any wares/cracking/hacking talk on the forums. Next time you post, please simply think it through, and only post if its legal.

    But as for AVs, I recommend sticking with AVG. Its free, and it works:) I have also used panda antivirus which I likely very much but I would rather get AVG for free then pay for panda.


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      I use Panda too it is the best one I have evr used. I had a lot of problems with Norton. I hated it. Go for Panda if you want to pay for it, but its definitely worth the money


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        Antivirus Software

        I have been using and recommending Norton protection from last 5 years. This is a best software which auto detect the issues.