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    My favourite messenger yet :D


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      Originally posted by Wiggo
      My thoughts exactly DigitalDD. :thumb:
      I think they the folks at Trillian have a few bugs to fix but they seem to be making progress, every version is better than the one before it..


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        I only have one problem with the new MSN messenger.
        I don't like being forced to upgrade. My bro and I occasionally do a voice, after he got a new 'pute, with the new version I was forced to get it too, as the voice didn't work anymore.

        I got no problem with newer software being available especially improved versions. But if I am getting done what I need to get done, I have no need to upgrade.

        Latest and greatest certainly have their place. But I'm not above using old reliable software either, as long as I get the job done.
        Sometimes I just feel more comfortable with Paint than Photoshop. LOL

        So hey, call me old-fashioned

        But at least Messenger's at the right price:thumb:
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