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  • *muzarc*

    hey people, i know this aint software stictly speaking, but, im wondering if there is a trend between pc building and rock/metal music. eg, the guys i know all like computers and dream theater. personally, i like 80s rock, and nearly all genres of metal

    so, my hypothesis is "PCs and rock go together" and please can you either support or disprove this, and give an example.
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    Re: *muzarc*

    I would disagree simply because most folks enjoy the music that was popular during their own growing up days. Since the PC has only been in heavy use for about 10-15 years (and the DIY builders an even shorter amount of time), a majority of the folks who are interested in this type of technology will have listened to classic rock or newer. Most of the older crowd don't see a real need to go buy one unless it is required for work, and even fewer take the time to learn them in a way for them to be considered a DIY builder. Yes there are exceptions, but they seem to be few and far between.
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