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making CD image on HHD

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  • making CD image on HHD

    hey guys!

    I heard somewhere that you can make an image of your CD (in this case my BF1942 cd) on your HDD as another ghost cd drive so you don't need to use your original cd all the time? well I've used Deamon toold to create phantom cd drives but cannot work out how to get the CD image onto it! I've fartarsed around and ended up with 3 extra cd drives in "my computer" . Is there a step by step guide somewhere that'll explain it all?


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    You could use alchohol 120% to put it onto a virtual drive. Search google for it then in the program click the virtual drive and choose mount image and choose it. 1st you would ahve to copy the files off of the cd into an ISO so u cna put it onto a virtual drive whihc you cna also do with that program