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    Hi there peeps,

    I cannot seem to get MPG files to work in QuickTime, I can get everything else working in it such as: MPEG, MOV, AVI. Is there something faulty with my QuickTime or is it just not possible to play them using this software?

    When I try to open a .mpg with quicktime is says "couldnt open the file because this is not a file that quicktime understands" I cant believe that it cannot play it if it can hapily play all the other types?

    Is there anything I can download to make it understand it?

    Thanks So much for any response!!!

    Frosty :)

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    - Make sure you have the mosr recent version of the QuickTime player.

    - Is it a single file that won't play or ANY that have a .mpg extention? The answer to this question will tell you if there is simply a corrupt file or a possible problem someplace else.

    - If it will play .mpeg but not .mpg (shouldn't occur, but stranger things have happened), try renaming the problem file to the .mpeg extention. Both of these extentions are the same and can be interchanged.


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      Can you not get any MPGs to work are just a certain one?


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        hey hey, sorry for the delay, was on holiday,

        I cant seem to get any .mpg files to play in quicktime...i also have the latest version of quicktime i think :)

        Thanks a lot for the help



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          You can try the QuickTime alternative:

          Although, you don't really need either to play .mpg files. Most will play in Windows Media Player and DVD software. Is there a particular reason you want to use QuickTime?


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            I suggest using something like Windows Media PLayer since 1. Its better and 2. It comes with Windows


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              There isnt really much of a reason for wanting to play mpg movies in Quicktime apart from to have a laugh every now and again holding down the fastforward button to have the movies in fast motion and high pitched :P .

              Just wodering can anyone else just have a go at opening a .mpg in quicktime see if it works for them.

              Cheers again,