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  • Spybot Search and Destroy Question

    Hi, I am trying to view a certian website that requires some download of "" or something in order to view pictures stored on that website, however spybot s&d is giving me messages asking if I want to block the dl's, and regardless of how I respond I can't view the website correctly. I deleted the whole spybot search and destroy program but somehow it is still running the program in the background and I don't konw how to get rid of it. After removing the program through "Add Remove Programs" can someone guide me to a way in which I can completely remove this background add blocker without doing system restore? Thanks.

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    what verison do u have?


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      Download HijackThis from here:
      Post the log.

      Don't download what the site wants you to. Unless you want pop-ups and spyware.... SpyBot S&D is giving you problems for a reason.