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mgm studios has filed a complaint against me

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  • mgm studios has filed a complaint against me

    mgm studios has filed a complaint against me for downloading and sharing copyrighted material * 21 grams, dawn of the dead, and a couple others-incase you were wondering* on the direct connect network. i know i'm prolly gonna get flamed with people telling me what a jerk i am and how this should be a lesson to me, don't steal from corporate giants in need of money, ect.(hey, i doubt any of you forked over the dough the last time you borrowed a movie , game, or cd from a friend).....alas my unquenchable thirst for downloading copyrited material and pirated software has caught up with me.....color me embarassed. anyway......i was wondering if anyone could tell me of a good prog to COMPLETELY erase this stuff from the ol' hd. thanks for any help you can give and if you happen to be cursed with a thirst for the copyrited......use a prog like peer guardian....or at least get a black list of ip's you can add to your firewall....oh there any kind of loop hole for getting around this.....any legal advice??

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    best way to erase the hard drive totally so the data is unretrievable is to use a 12 gauge shotgun to blow it to hell.


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      You can use sdelete:
      I would suggest you use it on everything, you're going to need to rewrite most of the HDD with random characters at for least two or three passes to make the files so difficult to recover that it isn't worth the time. However, for maximum security, you have two options:
      Chop the HDD (a 12 gauge simply won't do here, not powerful enough) into cubic centimeters.
      Melt the HDD.

      But this really shouldn't be neccesary. I doubt they'll do much. Maybe you'll lost your Internet temporarily or even have to find a new ISP. On top of that, if you actually tried to fight them in court you'd need more money than most make in a year to even stand a chance, regardless of whether or not they have a solid case. :2cents:


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        Im no lawyer, but I think that if you didnt (make sure you didnt) upload the movies to anyone or if they cant prove you did you can have some of their money for you. They cant get nothing from you because of the downloads (its like recording from the TV or finding $100 on the sidewalk) or having your files shared (even the Canadian government thinks like that).So If you didnt upload you can sue them for invading you privacy or even your ISP for revealing your personal information for them.


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          That might hold up in court (no one has tried it yet in the music suits), but it would take more than they charge you to fight it in court. Lawyers are expensive.


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            Re: mgm studios has filed a complaint against me

            I've read this post , and i find it ridicoulous ?
            I ' m from Macedonia (Don't let the Greeks hear you say that , because
            they made us change the name to FYRO Macedonia back in the 90's , and they agreed not to block the country , to become a member, in the European Union, or NATO ..but they did !!! 4 year's in a row, and quite possibly this year will be the 5-th VETO ! , neglecting the rulling of the international court in Hage, which claenly says they are the guilty party !)
            But nevermind ...
            So the country ,is not yet a member of the European Union !
            So to cut a long story short ...
            Piracy ??? Ha ha ... Piracy you say ?
            Well Piracy Rules !!!
            We have more than 90 % Piracy
            Only the Companies ,and administration , Goverment, and so on use legal
            software !
            All of the rest use non geniune soft.
            We have all the movies , music video games, apps
            it is an unwritten rule ,to use Crack's for games or software ?
            i download hundred's of .Iso , bin , cue , mds files name it
            multiply it , by 15 years back , and you'll get the picture
            Here we have , people with mobile stands , openly selling pirated
            video games, burn't on CD's or DVD, and movies
            And nobody gives a damn !
            They sell it for as much as 1$ or 2 max
            if find it funny, when i see you people give 60$ for a video game ?
            When we spend only as much as a 1$ for 3 or 4 blank DVD 's
            and we just download the .iso file ,and burn it to a blank DVD
            and whoala ...
            if it ask's for original disc's ,i just google it up for a crack ,or a mini image

            Well its not my fault , for doing so ?
            Here we have more than 35% of un employment (although the govermnent say it's 29%..
            never mind .every third person is without a job
            for example in Germany its 5% ,and in the US its 9% so i guess you get the whole picture ?

            Also there are no shops , where you can buy original Disc's ..non ..
            Also there are no such thing as online shops
            like Amazon , or Game Stop ...
            And Also , we can't buy , online with credit cards, because we
            are black listed ,
            So piracy rules .. and nobody give's a damn
            Quo Vadis ?
            Let them file a complaint against me ? its a loose loose situation
            i guess i will be the first, to be suied ?
            and the max ammount ,i would have to pay will be not to much
            even if i had been selling pirated software ?


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              Re: mgm studios has filed a complaint against me

              Same here's never too late to start they say
              what's next ?
              Should i start using legal Win dows ? or other programs ?

              I don't know how to tranlate Notar ? = Notary
              it's a kind of Lawer , but when there's no dispute involwed
              whwn all of the party ies are agreed , legally

              never mind

              Нелиценциран софтвер откриен кај нотар и во фирма во Прилеп | Сител Телевизија

              Prilep police filed criminal charges against DR (60) from Prilep, notary, for the crime of "violation of registered or protected invention and topography of integrated circuits," said Moi. On 30 October, the police in a coordinated action with the Coordinating Body of copyright and related rights in the Government of the Republic of Macedonia was in control of the notary office declared, and it was found to have used computer is installed unlicensed software.
              The same day, police discovered unlicensed software in the "Dalton-geoinzhinering"-Prilep so against the manager TJ (51) from Prilep, and against the said company has filed criminal charges for the crime of "violation of declared or protected invention and topography of integrated circuits. "


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                Re: mgm studios has filed a complaint against me

                For the OP, just download (HA! But this one is fine, and free legally) CCleaner, and in the Tools section, find Drive Wiper.

                You then choose the Wipe option (Entire Drive in your case) and in Security choose Complex Overwrite (7 passes), although three passes might be enough. Be sure to choose the correct drive, which is hopefully not your OS drive. But if it is, you have a reinstall in your future.

                If you have anything on a SSD, do not use this tool on it. A Secure Erase is needed for SSDs, one time is enough.

                Frankly, I doubt what is currently on your HDD(s) is as important as your download history. I assume the "crime" is the act of downloading copyrighted materials from certain sites, rather than possessing it on a drive. But cleaning up the drives is probably a good idea.