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Playing downloaded avi movie files on a DVD player

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  • Playing downloaded avi movie files on a DVD player

    I have downloaded a 700 mb avi file which playes OK through my Windows Media Player. However, I would like to be able to watch the movie in the comfort of my lounge room using a DVD player and widescreen TV.

    Previoulsy I have converted DVD files to VCD and these played through my DVD.

    I tried converting the avi files to VCD format using the program Aare AVI to VCD DVD. The converted file doubled in size but I couldn't burn it to disc using Nero. Could any person give me a brief outline on what I need to do to make this avi file playable on a DVD.


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    try TMPGenc. it will convert AVI file into MPEG which can be easily used to make VCD.
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      Thank you for your response.

      TMPGEnc will certainly do the job if you know how to do this rather tricky job.

      I was fortunate to locate a comprehensive guide called :-

      Gary's AVI to SVCD 3-Step foolproof guide. This can be downloaded at:-;12#438

      This guide is one of the best that I have ever seen. "Gary' is a great writer and teacher.