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Using Net Meeting as opposed to MSN Messenger

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  • Using Net Meeting as opposed to MSN Messenger

    We have been using Net Meeting at school which is dead easy because we are on the Education Network.

    However I decided to try it at home and although it appears nicely on the screen and my webcam works a treat how the devil to I connect to my mate who lives 15k away and who has the same setup. Bear in mind that at home neither of us is on any sort of network... just computer to computer. But we can't get it to work.

    We have tried typing in the IP address of the computer and the indication is given that a call is being made and then we are told "the call has been refused".

    What are we doing wrong and how much more information is needed here for a reply?

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    check the firewall settings, you need to make sure the correct ports are open or Net Meeting has permission to access the Net ...that is, assuming one, or both, of you have a firewall


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      Are you trying to connect directly through netmeeting?
      I found it so much easier to connect through MSN Messenger.
      (Click actions- click start netmeeting)
      If either one of you are behind a firewall it can be very difficult to connect to each other.

      Better yet, use yahoo for webcam and/or voice chatting, it is just so much easier.