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Misc stuff for sale or trade due to divorce

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  • Misc stuff for sale or trade due to divorce

    I have some stuff that I thought I would put up here for sale or trade due to my divorce, which is soooooon . I need to get rid of this stuff asap.
    If I am not supposed to post stuff other than computer stufff, someone pls let me know.

    I have pool cues from Coors Light, Adam billiards, as well as others. All the way up to a $1000 pool cue with 107 inlays, made and signed by Jacoby. It is one in 6 in the world. I am selling it for what I bought it for, not the market price of 1600.

    I have size 10.5 K2 inline skates that are brand new, I wore them one, twisted my knee and that was it. They have aftermarket wheels and bearings, with the originals.

    An Airborne Titanium frame bike, sz md/lg. All top of the line components. 16 spoke Shimano wheels.Carbon fiber bars, Race Face carbon cranks, Time carbon fiber titanium clipless pedals, Chris King headset. Avid disk brakes, along with XTR V's. ect. ect. ect. Over $3300 into it. Price is a lot cheaper. make offer.
    2nd Bike is an Araya Muddyfox (Japanese Race frame) 15in. Full XT components. Avid disk brakes. Over $1600 invested. Make offfer.

    Playstation 2 in original box with a bunch of games. Also a chip that has not been installed. and about 20 games that go with the chip.

    Nintendo 64 with about 4 games. including bass fishing and a couple others.

    Palm V with the charging station and serial connection to the computer. Batter in the palm proabably needs to be replaced. I just don't use it. Brand new condition(except for batt)

    Rayban sunglasses. Brand new in case. I have a small face so they fall off easily. They are a great looking pair. Wish I had a little bigger head! Make offer or trade. Original cost $110.

    I also have an R2D2 cooler that stands 3ft. tall. It is a collectors item from the Star wars episode 1 series.
    I also have 4 Star Wars watches brand new in the original packaging. Collectors items as well. Japanese starwars pepsi cans in COLOR, not like the black and white ones made here in the states. Star Wars Ep. 1 hats, and tshirts.
    If you are a Star Wars fan, these are items that were never made available made for sale. They were prizes and only made in small quantities.
    Make me an offer on any items. Computer stuff, or money.

    For Coors light fans out there. I have Coors light Varsity Jackets. Brown Suede Arms with black wool center, with the Coor Light embroidered on the chest. They are Extremely nice. Retail is over $250. Size LG, XLG
    I also have Coors Light pit crew Race Jackets. These are official Coors Light racing pit crew jackets. They have patches and embroidery all over them. They are extremely nice for the nascar fan. These also not for sale items to the public. Szs Med/LG
    Along with other official Coors Light merchandise. Including Neon Clocks, banners and other memorabilia.

    Budweiser Banner HUGE 3" tall x 15 long. Red with white lettering.

    I also have a Fax/copy/scan/printer will get the name and model later. Brand new, never used. Cost $350, but says door not closed. So I never got it to work and couldn't return it and have 3 others so never tried to fix it.

    I am very generous and would like to make someone happy while getting something that makes me happy as well. Either a trade, or money.

    Make an offer and maybe we can work something else. Please only do so if you are truly interested. I am very busy getting things taken care of getting myslef ready to move and be single. Not a happy time.
    I can take pics of these items and email them to you.

    I hope I can get rid of some of this stuff, cause I could use the help since I haven't worked in 2 years and have to pay a lawyer. For Trade. At least I will have some more computers or something.


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    hey, can you post pictures of the stuff you want to sell? it'd be a great help, thanks


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      Chezman29: You've got some interesting stuff there for sale, particularly the bikes, as aznx said try and post some pictures.


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        I'll post some pics tomorrow of as much as I can and maybe add some more stuff as I have a lot more stuff to get rid of.



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          Chezman29: Just post pictures of the unusual stuff, after all everyone here should know what a PS2 looks like for example.


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            Airborne 1


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              Airborne 2


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                Airborne 3


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                  Muddy fox
                  I also have Time ATAC Alium clipless pedals for this bike as well. I put the platforms on for trick riding and urban cruisin. The bar ends are LP carbon fiber.


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                    Muddy fox 2


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                      Bud banner


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                        Coor Light Golf Bag


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                          Coors Light Jackets


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                            Coors Light Dart package, plastic, metal, + 2 farrows(sp)
                            Japanese Pepsi Star Wars Cans
                            Pepsi Star Wars Episode 1 Watch
                            Coor light pool stick not shown.


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                              Coors light neon. The one lit changes colors from reddishpink to whitishblue.