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Can I use at TV as a monitor?

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  • Can I use at TV as a monitor?

    I know the answer is yes, but what i mean is can you use a tv as a monitor to play games, and have the picture quality stay good.

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    Well yes but you'd likely be stuck at playin' in 640x480 as this is all most TV's will display though some will display 800x600 (some of the later HDTV's I believe may do better but I can't be positive on that).


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      If u played games with a TV as ur monitor it would work fine assuming ur vid card has an output u can hook up to ur TV. Only problem is it would end up looking like console graphics cuz of the much lower resolution :snip: I guess its personal preference, but I'd much prefer a nice monitor at 1280x1024 or 1600x 1200 cuz the graphics are so much better looking :thumb: