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AMD vs. Intel Motherboards/cpus

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  • AMD vs. Intel Motherboards/cpus


    I'm planning on building a new comp in the next few weeks and I am having a difficult time deciding on what to go with. My current board is the Epox EP-8K3A+ with a xp1900. The video card is a gainward g4 4400. pc2700 ram. This is mainly a gaming machine but everything else I do doesn't require nearly as much horsepower. Overclocking would be cool so suggestions leaning towards that sort of thing appreciated.

    I've read tons of reviews and think I have narrowed it down to a board with the nforce2 chipset or the granite bay chipset. I realize I'll have to upgrade other parts depending on what I choose to do. I'd prefer if the board I get could support/hold/fit the slk-900 cooling fan. Right now I know the abit NF7-S (nforce2) can do that. Good quality onboard sound would be nice. I don't want to upgrade for another year. I wish I knew the requirements for doom 3 :devil win . Another option would be simply modify this machine since it isn't that slow. I would probably upgrade to the radeon 9700 and get some hard drives to use the RAID feature. More ram would probably be nice as well.

    CPU for amd would probably be the barton xp2500 or for intel a 2.53 northwood.

    Should I wait and upgrade later? Is now a good time to buy? If so what will give me the extra frames? :blah:

    Any guidance is appreciated.

    I'm not a die hard fan of intel or amd... whichever will provide me with more horsepower/fps is great. I know some people are strictly amd, and others strictly intel. I've used both throughout the years. I don't want to start a flame war over the two.

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    It almost pains me to say this, but IMHO, I think it would pay off to wait awhile to do a major upgrade. Granite Bay mobos are rare and expensive right now. The NF2 board manufacturers are just now issuing their first revisions for the boards. All the stuff on the venders shelves is ver. 1.0 right now. It also looks like there are going to be some significant price reductions in cpu prices in May. And of course vid card prices will be lower by then and maybe some more driver and bios tweaking by the manufacturers by then too. I'd say that if you hold off for a little while, only buy things now that can be transplanted into the new rig down the road. As for AMD or Intel, bang for the buck always works for me.


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      I tend to agree... Wait a little while for upgrading. The 2.53ghz p4 rose in price last week but dropped significantly (30 CDN$) this week, and will drop more in weeks to come with the advent of the 800mhz system bus P4's. The 9700 will also drop in price with the release of the 9800, you will see the 9700 come to a "reasonable" price within the next month and a half - two months. As for the granite bay boards, they're alright too :)