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  • ADSL/CABLE Gateways/routers

    ok, well i'm looking for a gateway/router, and these are the ones i'm looking at:

    Netgear RT314

    D-link DI804

    Accton AC-IG1004

    does anyone have any of these and/or have any comments about them?
    TweakTown [email protected] Team

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    I know people using the D-link and also Linksys 4 pt. gateways with no problems.
    I have a 3Com Gateway, which I chose because it's also a print server - but 3Com has discontinued it


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      the main thing i want to know about, will they create lag? (eg, when i had a p166 as the gateway, there was heaps of lag, packet loss AND choke :() i just don't want that :)
      TweakTown [email protected] Team


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        Great site for home/SOHO broadband router reviews. they even rate network throughput in their reviews so you know if the router slows down your connection.


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          ahhhh... how could i for get about that one??

          thnx DDD
          TweakTown [email protected] Team


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            i have the linksys 1 port home router and i LOVE it. its configured via a web page and it creates 0 lag. i dont know anything about the other routers...
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              next question:

              was it expensive compared to the netgear etc?
              TweakTown [email protected] Team


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                just slightly off-topic:

                From my vast experiences with Netgear products, they are pretty darn good. I've used a 24port Netgear switch heavily, as well as using Netgear NICs in all my PC's..... haven't had the slightest problem with any of them...

                Go netgear.. :thumb:


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                  Originally posted by Andy
                  ahhhh... how could i for get about that one??

                  thnx DDD
                  No problem it was just sitting here in my favorites list waiting to be quoted.. :D


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                    ok, i'mm gonna go with the netgear RT314... when i have money.... after my upgrade... :(

                    its gonna be a looooooooooong time til i get it :( :cry:
                    TweakTown [email protected] Team


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                      I have the Linksys 4 port w/ built in Switch.. The thing is a beauty!

                      100mb file transfers between routed computers take mere seconds.

                      Setup is relatively easy too, with an IP address interface to be used with IE or Netscape.
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