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    Im looking to upgrade my sons Pre Built with a new cooler. His i7-7700k gets very hot during PUBG and other newer games it seems, reaching in the mid 80's C. The 120mm AIO CyberPowerPC cooler that came with the pre built cant keep with newer games so Im looking to replace it but with what? I'd like for him to be able to overclock at some point up to 4.8 to even 5 in the future. So with that being said, would a 240mm be enough to get the job done? I was looking at the Corsair H100i series since his case (InWin 303) cant fit a 280mm in the top exhaust slot. He does however have room for the H150i and from what I read, may perform better when it comes to overclocking an i7-7700k. What would you go with?

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    Re: Upgrade Cpu Cooler

    any 240,280,or 360mm all in one liquid cooler should do the job for you i love nzxt and their very reliable and look really good as well, but others love corsair or fractle. if i were you what i would do is try replacing the thermal paste because you dont know who built that pc and any old fool could have done it without having a proper know how of doing so. i personally have a i7 6700k and i used the nzxt m22 120mm aio and it worked fine but if your son is overclocking and cranking the voltage up on that 7700k i could see temps possibly being an issue. but if hes not overclocking at all, than there might also be another issue going on, idk what case he has or how many fans he has but the entire case could be being choked off from getting enough airflow period as well.. i have 7 fans in my case 3 on bottom one on rear of case and 3 on the side, i have 5 sucking air in and 2 blowing air out because this conig makes it positive pressure inside the case and it makes it so if your intakes are all filtered, you shouldn't be sucking in any dust at all in any of the opening s or cracks around the case itself. one think you could try doing as well is putting one fan on both sides of your aio both blowing air the same direction because what this will do is give you a push pull config helpful for rads because bout time the fans air hits the rad, its lost alot of preassure, so it if has another meeting it halfway to suck the air the rest of the way through it makes it that much better, when i did this i noticed aprox 4-5 degrees difference on idle dropping my temps down to 28-29c in a cool room...but if you just wanna know a good brand of aio, liek i said nzxt is my favorite and look the best too me, but theirs also corsair, aorus, fractile,rosewill, everyone makes an all in one just about these days...but if he can manage too stuff a 360mm in his case then that wouldn't hurt at all for sure. im curious too know what type of build and case he has if you'd feel like filling me in.