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Need help with a build.

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  • Need help with a build.

    Hey there,

    I've had this PC tucked away in a corner for about 4-5 years, back then it was alright but, now, I've got games which I can't play and I'm in need of upgrades. I'm trying to spend as little as possible, I've recently been taken out of work due to business failing and the cold hard world is proving difficult to get into another place of work. I'm going to try and keep as much as I can from this rig, to try spending as little as possible.

    I'm keeping The case, the power supply, The HDD, the CD/DVD drive, and the Memory (for now). So that leaves me with The mother board, the processor, and the GPU to upgrade (the memory further down the line as 8GB DDR3 can kinda cut it for now).

    Now I'm not just gonna say "what do you suggest" I have had a nosey around the internet in search of "budget" PC components, and have managed to narrow down the list, I just want to see if it's the right/wrong move, and if there would be an alternative which is either more powerful for around the same price, or cheaper.

    So as far as the motherboard goes, on the budget side of things I found a Gigabyte H110M Gaming 3 Mother board (around 70), The processor I was thinking of a Intel Core i3-6100 (around 100) andfor the GPU I was thinking of a Sapphire Radeon 460 (around 90), now that's a total of 260. A price which in my state, is still a little too high, I'd prefer around the 200 mark if I'm honest (if I was really honest, I'd say less than that lol).Now I come to seek your advice, A) will this be a half decent set-up? and B) is there a better option for cheaper/around the same price? The world of PC seems to have just left without me, I knew a little before, but now I'm honestly clueless. back when I was building, the higher number generally meant better, now, it's beyond me lol.

    Thanks in advanced,

    ShiverZ HD