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Gtx 1080 in SLI or Titan X for 4k?

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  • Gtx 1080 in SLI or Titan X for 4k?

    Here is the situation:

    I own a Gigabyte G1 GTX 1080, I am just a wee bit less functional in 4k than I would like, Though Overwatch is a pleasant 60 fps, anyway, I am trying to decide if it would be better to sell my current 1080 and pick up a single Titan X card for $1300+ (after sales tax) Or simply get a second 1080 and run it in SLI. I am also about to upgrade from the i7 5820k to the i7 6850k. That should give me both more speed and the extra PCIe paths I need to run SLI well. So for 4k gaming which set up would be better. I have a Vizio 4k TV that plays 4k at 60fps with a 17 ms response time as well as 1080p with 120 fps .. same response time, and an Acer 27 inch g-sync monitor with 144hz and 1ms response time for shooters. So I plan on playing on all different resolutions, but the main reason I am upgrading is to get 4k as solid as I can. What would you suggest?

    Second part... I have a friend just getting into PC gaming. We are trying to build him a PC for around 600 that can beat the PS4 Pro. Basically his GPU will have to be $200 so it is the RX480 or the GTX 1060, which do you suggest for him? It almost seems like an either or situation to me. I might be able to talk him into the 8gb 480 or the 6 gb 1060. But in general what is the best for him.

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    Re: Gtx 1080 in SLI or Titan X for 4k?

    Well, from my grand research of the deep and storied archives of Google, I have basically come to the conclusion that the answer lies in preference. 2x 1080 in SLI will absolutely run faster... in games that support SLI, which as it turns out, is not all that many unless you think a patch 3 months after release, if at all, qualifies as being supported. For instance, almost all Ubisoft games simply have zero SLI support, or at best very poor support and scaling. The Titan X is the more reliable option as it will produce the same results with or without SLI support from the game. A good example is the difference between the Witcher 3 and Assassin's Creed Unity. The Witcher 3 runs almost 15 fps faster in SLI with 1080s, however Assassin's Creed Unity actually runs a few frames slower in SLI than it does with just a single 1080, not to mention slower than the Titan X. Basically, it is a matter of value, and how much you want to spend your time trying to program code into programs that can try to emulate SLI support. Both options are gonna run you $1300-$1400 U.S. depending on sales tax. So, do you want the constant but less high end power value of a Titan X, which you know will run at a certain level the whole time, or do you want the higher Frames Per Second that might be found in SLI supported AAA titles, but then risk that you will have paid an extra $700 for a 2nd card that you wont even be using on other titles. It really is up to the individual. Or you can discover oil in your back yard and buy two Titan X and get the best of both worlds lol.
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