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How much is the right amount to spend on Peripherals?

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  • How much is the right amount to spend on Peripherals?

    E.g. Things such as Mouse's, Keyboards, Mouse pads and even Monitors

    I run a page on Facebook, where I run an organization called Essential Designs (Check the link below if you’re interested) which is dedicated to PC modding or case creation. A common question I get is, “How much should I spend on peripherals?” I usually answer with, “anything you can afford”, but as time has gone on, I have released that there is a lot of people out there who are really unsure on this decision.

    Take for example, my first ever computer that I built was powerful to say the least, it had the best graphics card and CPU of its time and all colour coordinated because I’m OCD. My peripherals on the other hand I had bought off ebay, I think I spent about $20 on both the mouse and keyboard and I didn’t use a mouse pad. My monitor was even worse, something like a 19” TV screen which had dead pixels everywhere, although to me I was happy because I had a power house computer that could run anything.

    As time went on I started to realize that my peripherals were just crap to be completely honest and I upgraded to the top of the line Corsair keyboard at the time, the K70 non-rgb and a CM Storm mouse and this time I actually bought a mouse pad which now i know makes a massive difference in games such as Counter Strike. My monitor is a RL panel 24” from Benq and I love that to bits along with the rest of my peripherals.

    The question comes though that ive had terrible peripherals and amazing peripherals, what should a PC game be buying. I can tell you now that $20 peripherals is a definite no no so avoid ebay at all costs. My second piece of advice is don’t buy peripherals that will cost so much that your losing performance, such as getting a GPU that isn’t as good cause you want a cooler looking mouse.

    Currently a lot of computer companies that create cases have also put work into the accessories, Cooler Master, Corsair and Thermaltake being some of the many doing this.

    What I now find myself doing is, buying all the extreme pc components that I can afford then saving up again and buying all the extreme peripherals I can. Not the best technique in the world but it gets me a lot of awesome gear that I can use to my advantage in games especially online.

    To enforce my point, my answer to whether you need expensive peripherals or not, stands in the original position. Buy what you can afford, do some research, find out what games can use all those little buttons on the side of a mouse or what style keyboard you like; because it’s all up to you and your personal preferences, you will do better in games with gear your more comfortable with. It’s just like choosing the case for your pc build, find something you like and what’s practical and you’ll be happy especially when there are so many to pick from anyway.
    In the end gaming is gaming, it’s a passion I have and something I will continue to do as I grow older and as I do so I will upgrade or try something new. I hope this helps anyone out there who is indecisive in their peripherals.

    Written by,
    Drew Gibson

    Essential Designs | Facebook