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  • What upgrades?

    Ok I already posted this setup in the overclock section but I also need to know what my next upgrades should be. I won't be upgrading for like 3-5months because i am just getting this computer. Anyway heres the setup:

    AMD 1900+
    ASUS A7N266-C nVidia nForce DDR mobo
    256 DDR SDRAM
    40gb Western Digital Ultra ATA 7200rpm 2mb cache
    ATI Radeon 8500 128mb AGP
    SoundBlaster Live! 5.1
    Cooler Master DP5-7H53F High-Performance HSF
    Kool Maxx Video Cooling System
    340watt power supply

    *Note: The alienware case has 6 fan slots.

    Any suggestions would be very helpful.



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    Well......your processor and ram will definitly hold out for more then 3-5 months. Considering I bought my system (specs in sig) almost one year ago and its still doing just fine. You may want to consider getting a new video card when doom 3 comes out. That's assuming your even getting that game.

    Also if you are a gamer. You may want to consider getting more ram. I only have 256meg and its just not enough for a gaming machine.

    I mean that's gonna be my next upgrades is upgrading to hammer and the nv30. That's if I have enough money and they are reasonably well priced. :thumb:


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      Yeah ok thx. I will probably save up like $300 for a new grahpics crad and get one when the time is right. The ram i know wont last too incredibly long so ill probably buy an uprgade forthat first...

      BTW how easy is it to get a new processor and install it?


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        Does anyone know a good place to buy the best memory for my system for a good price?




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          If ya live in the US, Newegg is the only place I'll buy online. Great service and great prices.


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            Aaaaaah okay i'll check them out. Thanks


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              Installing a processor like installing any pice of hardware. Can be really easy yet hard at the same time. Its only hard if you make it hard and easy if you make it easy.

              Best ram prices that I've seen as of yet is they make some of the best memory out there I guess mushkin is better? I'm not sure though but its ONE OF THE BEST. I'm not sure if they sell world wide but I think only US. As for shipping. Its free second day. ALL THE TIME!!

              If you don't know how to install a processor then....

              Lets start off with an empty socket.

              You take the processor out of its package and hold it only by its side make sure you don't touch any of the pins. If you get finger prints on the pins it can end up being a little bad for electrical connections and data transfers and stuff liek that. Before you touch your processor or any pice of hardware for that matter. You have to be properly grounded. Make sure your not on carpet first off (I'm always on carpet :D) and make sure with on hand your holding one part of the case a metal unpainted part. Preferable the power supply. Make sure the power supply is plugged in as well so that its properly grounded.

              Now that you have your processor in your hands you should line it up so that the pins match with the holes. It can only go in one way and you'll know this by simply dropping it in (not dropping). On two corners of the processor should be like cut corners. Where its like a corner was cut out. Line those two corners up with the missing pins on the socket.

              Apply some TIM however you decide to apply it. whether you use the bubble gum stuff on the bottom of the HSF or if you use something better like AS3 or some kind of other alternative. And smear it nice and smooth onto the core making sure that its about 0.003" thick (about as thick as a sheet of notebook paper) of course I don't follow this just put some on.

              Now the difficult part. This part is sort of hard if you make it hard. It scares me everytime but I'm yet to crack a core. The cores on AMD processors are very sensitive. So you have to make sure the HSF is properly mounted. You should see the rubber pads on the processor don't remove those. Now you should see sort of a step on the socket. Line that up with the step on the heatsink. Don't put that on backwards. Now gently place the heatsink on the rubber pads and manage to get the small clip on the prong on the back of the socket. Then with the other side I recommend a screw driver. It requires about 20-30 pounds of pressure to get the clip down. With one hand hold the heatsink so that it doesn't fly off. With your other hand take the slotted screw driver and push out then in to get it on the prong. Don't worry if you stab your mobo I've done it a thousand times nothing happenes. If all goes well you've just installed a processor.


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                Sometimes stabbing a mobo means you can wipe out some electrical connects so your lucky you havent messed it up after hitting it so many times. Also when applying that 20-30 pounds of pressure, apply it to the lug clip on NOT downwards on the heatsink, or you will break your chip very quickly.


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                  Ok thanks guys. I'll check out


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                    I've had good luck with and with