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What is the best brand of case fans?

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  • What is the best brand of case fans?

    Just looking for a quick opinion and some reasoning. I need to get some 80mm case fans and I don't know what to buy. I've heard is that SUNON is great from Zeradul before, but I have no idea outside of that.

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    There are a lot of good brands out there these days it's just picking the ones that ya want (cfm capacity, noise, color, LEDs, etc). Ball bearing fans tend to be a little noisier than sleeve bearing ones though they last longer. :smokin:


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      If it matters at all, I've been using the same set of Sunon fans in my case for well over two years. They have lasted quite well IMHO. :)
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        Yup, my whole machine is fitted with Sunon fans. Top quality, and top performance. Not noisy either. (although some models are)

        Enermax make some good rpm adjustable fans so you can run them at varible speeds.

        Faster the fan spins=better cooling (or so the theory goes) but more noise is created. Like Wiggo said, you just gotta look at your current situation, and get a fan that will blow/suck enough air to keep your rig nice and cool.


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          For me in order of preference.

          1. Sanyo-Denki [they often come with Compaq servers and can be picked up in quantity for like $1-2ea. from Compaq Resellers], they're quiet and still blow a decent amount of air especially the 92mm ones.

          2. Sunon or YS tech, I can't argue with Darth on this they just keep spinning and spinning.

          3. AVC, why AVC you ask well i have some fans from an old 386 server i worked on when the 386's first came out and these fans are still good they have only needed a cleaning now and then over the last 10 years. 10 years of continuous use and they have rarely been off during that time period..


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            That only shows that AVC made a good fan 10 years ago.:D


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              Delta 80mm 80cfm, if you are already deaf.


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                i use sunon, in my current machine (this one) and my old machine, all fans (excluding the PSU fan and the HSF) are sunon fans, priced well, quiet (if you get the quiet ones), or you can be like me and get the 8CM 50CFM fans and turn your case into something that sounds like a jumbo :D
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