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Help me get a laptop please.

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  • Help me get a laptop please.


    I'm getting a laptop soon. And I'd like to see some opinions on what I should get.. I'm only going to use it for mp3's, school/college, and travel... I like it to be around 1000 dollars tops. Thanks.

    BTW, I want a GOOD screen on it. I dont want those monitors with like no refresh rate.

    Thanks, if you are going to give me some opinions. :) :( :afro: :afro: :afro: :thumb:

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    is that $1000 Aus, cdn, US or other?

    I just bought a higher end laptop @ work for one of our Salesmen
    it was more in the $3000cdn range ($2000US/$4000Aus) but it had a 15" LCD - you can save a lot if you go with a 14.1"

    Although it may be tough to get in a $1000 laptop - I find Radeon mobility graphics to be superior to Geforce2go


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      i personally would spend my money on a desktop, and get a pda or something else for the traveling. I know what you are going to use it for, but by the time you get out of school, you will have wasted your money on a laptop that will probably be obsolete


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        You're not gonna find a decent laptop for much under 1000 in the US, let alone AUS, especially at that rate. Buy yerself a desktop and a PDA, like suggested above.

        The only laptop you'll be able to get is either by a really nice person or a POS one.


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          Yes I agree get a desktop and a PDA of some sort but if you have your heart set on a Laptop you might wanna try Dell or Sony's refurb webpage. You can get Refurb's for around 1 grand sometime's


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            One of my distributors was offering IBM Thinkpads for A$1,750 (inc GST) a while back, don't know if they still offer them. This is about US$905 (as of the 15/1/02)

            Might be worthwhile looking at IBM's low-end range :)
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              I purchased a laptop from and have been quite pleased with it to date. This company is a reseller of ARM laptops and are low-pressure salesmen. They make $150 per sale, and won't force something you don't need on you.

              Although they sell lightweights, I opted for a heavier model. No problems to date. Hope this helps.



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                Check out they have what looks like a decent generic one for $800