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  • friend's query ?

    My mate would like to ask all of you gurus, who has had a gf3ti200 and a gf3. Which is better and why ?
    According to nvidia
    the spec details the gf3 is better. BUt my mate is stubborn and wants opinions from other poeple :D

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    The only main difference between the two is the fact that the gf3 is clocked higher than the ti200.. however, if you want to overclock, it's usually possible to get a ti200 to the same speed or faster than the gf3.. but then again, if you OC the gf3, you can usually match a ti500...


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      The GeForce3 board is the better board. Though it is a little older than the "Titanium" series boards, it has faster memory than the Ti200 card. And as pointed out by Beefy, the original GeForce3 card also overclocks very well.
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        Having used both a GeForce3 and a Ti200, I have to concur with the others that the GeForce3 is the better chipset to own (if you can afford it).

        If your mate is short on cash, many Ti200 cards can overclock to standard GeForce3 clock settings with little trouble. FYI, the default clock speed of a Ti200 is 175MHz core and 400MHz memory, whilst a vanilla GeForce3 is 200MHz core and 460MHz memory. But if cash isn't an option, then many GeForce3 cards can overclock to Ti500 clock speeds (240MHz core and 500MHz memory) :D

        The important thing to note is that there is no architectural difference between all the GeForce3 chips (GF3/Ti200/Ti500). Only the clock speeds vary.

        Hope this helps to appease your mate ;)
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          That's just a longer, more detailed version of what I said.. :)


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            He was after as many opinions as possible to back him up I think Beefy :p
            What came first - Insanity or Society?


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              here here more opinions the merrier thx alot fellas my mate is going to buy a gf4 ti440 :D
              fargen :P