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questions...since I am on a roll..why not ask!

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  • questions...since I am on a roll..why not ask!

    anyone out there have a PNY ti4400 video card? I was just noticing how hot the core runs on this thing. Would a Corb be a good investment over the stock HSF? I see a lot of people doing it but they don't say nothing about how well it performs.

    Anyone know where to buy good Ramsinks for the BGA ram on this video card? I see the tin coated one from Tweakmonster (I think) but those will be ay to big.

    A question about the temps on a XP 1900+. How hot do they run compared to the TB's? I have a gladiator HS with an 80 mm fan and adaptor? I can't remember the CFM's but I know it is about the same as the noisy black label Delta fan (6800 rpm or 7000?).I made sure of that the CFM's where atleast the same when I replaced the 60mm Delta for the 80mm with an adaptor (the low pitched squel from the delta got to me after a few months)

    Would you think the HSF will do Great on this CPU or should I look for a better one? I do plan on O/Cing it sooner or later.

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    The Palimino core, among other things, has a die-shrink if I remember correctly. One of the things a die-shrink does if nothing else is reduce the heat output. Most likely that should be good enough.

    For RAMsinks, I don't feel they offer enough benefit to justify slapping them on. If they're already there, great. If not, I'm not gonna slap them on. It's probably a good thing that they aren't having to slap RAMsinks on. RAM sinks will probably not help you overclock that much, as the speeds you can hit depend on the nanosecond rating--the lower the better. They do dissapate heat, but that most likely will not give you any massive boost---if any--in overclocking.