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  • IDE Channels?

    For those of you who have 2 CD drives and 2 IDE HDDs, how do you have the drives connected? Right now I have both CD drives on one channel and both HDs on another. I've been having problems coping CDs directly from one drive to another. If I were to switch the connections and put the CD drives on seperate channels, would this improve performance? Has anyone tried this, cause if it really helps then I'll do it, but it would just be a pain in the ass to run an IDE cable from the CD drive down to the HDD. Thanks in advance!

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    The way that you have them now is the best way to have them but have ya got the burner as the master of the IDE channel? :?:

    If the master isn't the burner then it can't control the channel for the burn plus if the other drive is a different brand then hardware issues may also be causin' the prob. How do ya go burnin' from an image from the hard drives?


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      The burner is the master. My burner is a TDK and my dvd is an HP. I have no problems burning from the HD to the TDK, even at 48x. Thanks for the info.